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Traveling can be tough on your complexion. Flying, lack of sleep and always being on the go can also cause changes in your skin. That’s why it’s so important to find a skincare regimen that works for you, that way, if you do find yourself having a reaction you can cleanse your skin, apply a soothing moisturizer, then cover any blemish with concealer and foundation.


Five products that should be always in your bag when traveling
Self-tanning wipes to give skin a hint of a glow; a mini hairbrush to keep hair tidy; blotting papers to remove excess shine, without the cakiness of powder; lip gloss for moist, fuller lips; and nail polish remover wipes for instant touch ups without the hassle of a finding cotton balls and a bottle.

“My best advice when flying is just to keep your face really moisturised and try not to wear makeup because it can be dehydrating on the plane – I personally feel a lot better when I fly with a clean face. Drink a ton of water too, it helps with jet-lag and, well, everything really.”


“I drink tons of water and try and stay really well-moisturised but I’ll also spritz colloidal silver all over the seat, because it’s a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Supplements-wise, I take loads of vitamin C and have this magnesium and calcium packet that I put in my water as magnesium is really calming on your nervous system. After a plane ride I always try to have a good steam and sweat but more than anything my best advice is to wear sunglasses when you get off the plane!”


“A make-up artist told me about Sudocrem which is great for when your skin is sensitive. I don’t put it on every day but when you do it it fixes everything by the morning. I also use it on planes so that by the time I land my skin looks better than when I took off, although it can be slightly embarrassing as it’s bright white!”


“I have very wavy hair, so it’s hard to blow-dry myself. Instead, I always travel with a tiny hair iron for emergencies. I try not to overdo it so my hair looks too flat; it’s just really good for taking any kinks out especially if you’ve been on a long flight.’



“The difference in your skin between takeoff and landing is scary. When the lights go down on a plane, I always put on one of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Masks and I’ll also decant the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Essence into a small spray bottle and spritz it on throughout the flight. If my skin’s really dry, I use a lip product by Sensai as it’s really great for your lips and I’ll use an O.P.I nail strengthener because my son and I are having a competition to see who can grow their nails faster at the moment as we’re both nail biters.”


“My skin is chronically dry, so when I’m travelling I take a small bottle of argan oil with me. I basically have to put oils on my skin because it feels like I can’t move my face if I don’t!”


“The best tip I’ve heard is to use rose oil on your skin when you’re flying. I take about 90-odd flights a year so my skin was constantly dehydrated and then this make-up artist from Australia gave me her rose oil and that just seemed to do wonders, but trying to get hold of it isn’t the easiest thing….”


“SK-II face masks are great to use when flying as they’ll instantly hydrate my skin. I love it when I remember to do it, but I usually fall asleep and forget!”


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