How To Hide Under-Eye Bags

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Cold Cream

Before you use makeup on your face, a good-quality moisturizer containing at least SPF 15 should be applied. Dry skin can exacerbate your puffy eye problem and make them look saggier. Put your cream in the fridge so that when you apply it to your skin, the cold contracts the skin for a tighter, smoother appearance to apply your makeup on.

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Take your time for 15 minutes to put a cucumber in a swollen eye. Implies a high ascorbic acid in cucumber can lower water content and swelling of the eyes.


Yellow Concealer

Yellow concealer works to banish the dark blue shadows that often accompany eye bags and make them look worse. This is because yellow is opposite blue on the colour wheel, explains Physician’s Formula. The yellow cancels out the blue tone of the shadows for a cleaner look. A thicker concealer should be applied with a small brush or foam applicator to blend a small amount over the eye bags.



 Eye shadow

Using dark eye shadow can also cover puffy eyes. Your eyes look so much smaller. For maximum results add eyeliner to line the top and bottom of the eye.


False Eyelashes

False eyelashes play an important role for the eye. Lashes look thick and tapering create a more fresh and puffy eyes be covered.


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