How to Get Kim’s Signature Makeup Look

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We may not be able to give you Kim Kardashian’s genetically blessed tush, but her makeup—now, that we can help you with.


Makeup first, hair second. “When clients get their hair done first, there’s usually hairspray on the face, so I always start with a makeup wipe,” said Dedivanovic as he prepped Kardashian’s skin for the makeup tutorial (she had her hair in her signature slick and low ponytail). Plus, if you’re getting a big, bouncy blowout, you won’t want to pin it back for the duration of the makeup application and risk creasing.



The Kardashian sisters are famous for their perennially glossy long locks, with the five sisters all sporting similar styles. Lyndsey reveals her best tips…


– “Apply mousse to damp hair. My favourite is Daniel Galvin, it’s not sticky and won’t make the hair too tacky. Tacky hair will make it impossible to get a brush through it when you start to blow dry
– Blow dry your hair with a big round brush, concentrating on directing the hairdryer upwards at the roots to give plenty of lift
– After each section is dry, use dust on the roots as it’s fantastic for keeping volume in the hair all day and night…in fact the volume will keep until you wash it out!”


Swap primer for emollient moisturizer. Mario Dedivanovic recommends applying a softening cream (he used Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream) all over the face, neck and chest—”it really helps the foundation to blend”—and skipping primer. “I don’t use them. I don’t like to put barrier between the skin and the makeup,” he said.


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Written by Collen Karissa

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