6 Easy Steps to Get Dramatic Eyes

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You love the way some celebrities have made up their eyes and create that dramatic, dark look? Here’s how you can do it!
1. Take either liquid eyeliner or a pencil and line the inner lids with black eyeliner (even the corners).
2. Put black eyeliner on the top lid, thicker than the bottom and also make the inner corner of the eye pointed.
3. Do the Cat eye, make sure you have the outer corner of your eyeliner angled out farther and curved slightly upward. The smokey eye, make sure you do this with eyeshadow!… The seductive eye, make a small upward angle.
4. Add any dark colored eyeshadow you’d like from the brow bone down to the lash line.
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5.Know that the cat eye means add a shiny lighter color from the brow bone to your eyebrow. The smokey, add the medium color of the eyeshadow you chose right on the brow bone and smudge it upward.. The seductive eye, take a lighter shadow and only place it under your eyebrow.

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Written by Olga Koroleva

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