Gorgeous Braid Styles You Can Do Yourself

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Braided or plaited hair styles are an easy way to dress up a hairstyle and showcase your many talents. Some braids are simple to do and can be mastered at one time whereas others may take more time and patience to perfect. Either way, rest assured that popular and unique styles of braiding will not leave you disappointed and will definitely score you some compliments from both friends and strangers alike.


French Braid

French braids are one of the most popular braids to do. Often when one thinks of braids, they imagine a French braid. This style of braiding is the go-to style for a fix to moments when you need to tie your hair up quickly, a day with particularly windy weather, or one of those mornings where you just don’t feel like styling your hair. They’re easy to create and is a cute hairstyle that can be worn in almost any setting.

French braids can be worn in one single braid down the back of the head, one low braid to the side, or as two braided pigtails. This is known as the simplest braid that you can do and it can be done on any type of hair with ease. Hair is crossed over one another when creating this braid, as crossing underneath would make this braid a Dutch braid.

Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid is one of my favourites and can be a little bit difficult to master if you are not patient with your braiding. This braid is normally done as one braid going around the head but sometimes, it can be seen cascading down an individuals head for a totally unique look. Waterfall braids are a three stranded braid that involves including strands of hair from the top of the head and leaving out or ‘dropping’ strands of hair from the bottom. It sounds confusing, but it can be done with practice.


Most times, this braid is worn with straight hair but in more elegant settings, it is not uncommon to see a waterfall braid worn with curls from a curling iron or curling wand. Either way, it is a great look for almost anywhere whether it be a formal setting or even a casual day at the beach.

Four Strand Braid

The four strand braid is an alternative to the three strand braid look and is done in the exact same fashion as its alternate. The only and obvious difference is that the four strand braid uses four strands instead of three.

This braid is not hard to do at all although it looks like it may take some time and skill to do. Four strands are great for days when you want to do a simple braid but also want to give it a classier and more unique look.

Practice with mastering the four strand braid and you may want to continue on with challenging yourself with five, six, and even eleven strand braids!

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