Wedding Dresses with Lovely back details

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When we saw Claire Pettibone’s fabulous wedding dress being featured on all the mags due to the Mark Zuckerberg wedding we thought, “LOVE the back!” So why not, let’s bring the sexy back ladies! Here are some lovely wedding dresses with back details we are loving!

Lace exudes romance and elegance. Besides, what’s a wedding without romance anyways? Chantilly or not, lace is delicate and feminine, making it iconic and timeless in the wedding gown business. The last thing I’m going to do is bore you with a long history of lace, but I’ll tell you one thing: A touch of lace at the back of the wedding dress makes it very sexy and sophisticated altogether.

If you remember from awhile back, we did a post on the Spring Bridal Fashion Show 2013. While lace is trending on the runway, it’s sad to say that not many designers took a shot at lace back dresses. But the ones who did, definitely didn’t disappoint one bit! Elizabeth Filmore’s take on lace back dresses emphasizes solely the lacey back. She gave a simple silhouette in the front, only to reveal some detailed work of lace at the back.

So if you’re looking for something demure, dainty and seductive then look no further than a lace back wedding dress. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for a rustic wedding or getting married at the church, always remember that lace is versatile. And who says you can’t have a sexy back with a lace back wedding dress?
Other names who are crafty at lace back dresses include Claire Pettibone, Anna Maier Ulla Maija, Marchesa and Christos. Different designers put their own creative spins on lace back dresses, all with impeccable lacey details.

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